We Celebrate PRIDE

As June was Pride Month – a month dedicated to celebrating diversity, equality and inclusion… we embraced the importance of teaching students about Pride through a series of assemblies, form time activities and all our celebrations culminated in a Pride Parade on the 30th June.

I am sure you will agree that it is vital we educate our young people about tolerance and kindness. The government explains that “Pupils should be taught about the society in which they are growing up” and at Darton we truly believe in fostering a culture of respect for others and for our difference, we educate pupils about healthy relationships and aim to make pupils aware of what it means to live in the modern world. We believe that all pupils should be able to come to school and feel safe, we want to be able to talk openly about issues regarding race, gender, sexual identity, religion etc this helps to normalise our differences and reduce incidents of bullying and intolerance.

Our Pride work centred on being an ‘Ally’ for those who need support, and this sentiment was brought to fruition when we stood as a school shoulder to shoulder with one another and walked the school site, flags flying and smiles beaming!

Darton Academy is a special place for our young people to learn and develop into respectful adults. It was a truly PROUD moment for both staff and students alike!