Academy Advisory Board

Core Functions and Strategic Duties
The three core functions of a governing body as indicated in Ofsted’s inspection criteria are:

  • setting a strategic direction for the school,
  • creating robust accountability,
  • ensuring financial probity.

Governing bodies have a number of statutory duties that need to be fulfilled. One duty is to ensure that key policies have been approved and reviewed on a regular basis. The key policies can be found in the Department for Education (DfE) list of Statutory Policies. Governing bodies are also advised to use a handbook as a key reference tool – the DfE Governance Handbook.

Interim Executive Board
Steve Wragg (Chair of the IEB)
Mr Nick Bowen
Mr Dean Buckley
Mr A Barnett
Mrs E Parenti
Mrs B Bird

You can read more about the Academy Advisory Board on our Statutory Information page here.

If you would like to contact a member of the governing body, please contact:-
Joanne Ridge, Clerk to the Governing Body Darton Academy on:
Tel: 01226 232306