I am very pleased to welcome you to Darton Academy.  We’re a happy and successful school where all students are valued, regardless of their background or ability. We treat our young people with respect, and we give them all the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Our goal is for all our students to leave us as happy, well-qualified, confident young adults who go on to excel in local sixth-forms, colleges, universities and the wider world.

We’re very proud of our school. In October 2018 Darton Academy joined Delta Academies Trust with Andy Barnett as Executive Principal and I became Associate Principal in February 2019. With the support of Delta Academies Trust we’ve started with confidence on the journey towards ‘outstanding’.

We’re making real progress already: the school achieved record-breaking examination results this summer, and students are now achieving around a half of a grade better than their peers nationally. Our grades are strong across the curriculum, particularly in the core subjects of Science, English and Maths – notably, a third of our students achieved English grades 7-9 (A-A*).

Here at Darton Academy we combine high expectations and high standards with a strong sense of kindness, inclusivity and enjoyment. Our primary focus is to instil a lifelong love of learning, and to encourage all students to be respectful, determined, hard-working, confident and ambitious. We want every student to leave Darton Academy able to live a life full of opportunity and choice. We are on an exciting journey to create a truly exceptional Academy for the young people of Barnsley.

Elaine Briggs
Associate Principal

Our entire school community is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience, allowing all students to achieve their potential. We deliver exciting and engaging lessons within a disciplined and supportive environment. We offer high-quality care, guidance and support, a flexible curriculum and an extensive range of activities beyond the classroom.

Since joining Delta Academies Trust, Darton Academy achieved their best GCSE results ever. The school is now one of the most improved in the country. Student numbers are at an all-time high and our new building provides state of the art facilities.

Andy Barnett
Executive Principal