Y9 Options Phase 2

At Darton Academy we believe that all students can achieve great things including going to university. Those aspirations must be facilitated by a balanced curriculum. We are pleased that the options available offer a curriculum that is ambitious.

Our courses are designed to give students the greatest life chances by making them expert students, confident communicators and by helping them to be future ready. Students have already selected two options subjects and will now choose a further two options subjects.

We urge you to think carefully about your choices. Talk to teachers and collect further information about subjects you are considering. Particularly, find out about subjects you have not studied in Key Stage 3 before you either choose or reject them. Ask your subject teachers questions about the content of subjects and ask to see Key Stage 4 text books and sample assessments.

The options booklet is one of a number of ways to support and guide you through the next stage of one of the most important periods in your education.

Click on the image above to view the booklet online or alternatively download the booklet by clicking the link below.

Together, we will ensure the subjects you study over the next two years are the right ones.

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