Transition - School tour and Maps

We want all new students and parents/carers coming to Darton Academy to feel excited and comfortable when they arrive here. As you cannot currently come for a visit in person we have put together a few photographs from important places around school that you need to know!

Virtual Tour

A walk through of the academy

The Bus Bays/Car park

If you are coming to school on one of the school busses they will drop you off in the bus bays.  This is the same place as where you will get the bus to take you home after school.

If you are arriving or being picked up by car your parents can drop you off in the parent car park/drop off zone.  This is found on the right before the bus bays straight after the school gates.  This allows enough space for the busses to be able to turn around and exit the shool gates.

The Driveway

After being dropped off in the carpark. The driveway takes you towards the main entrance of school. As you walk up the driveway to the main entrance there is a path on your left that takes you to the Blue line and the student entrance.  Parents/carers can get access to the main school entrance by continuing straight up the driveway towards the Canopy.

The Blue Line

The blue line is located next to the School builiding before the school gates. Once you cross the blue line mobile phones should not be seen or heard. You will be welcomed on the blue line each day by the senior leadership team and a learning manager. They will ask to see your student planner.


The playground is at the back of the school. You walk through this after crossing the blue line to get into school. You can go on to the playground at break and lunch time weather permitting however you are not allowed to eat or drink on the playground.

The Atrium

This is the area where all students gather before school and at break and lunchtimes. We have three lunch sittings. The Y7 lunch time is 12.30- 1pm. You will queue up at the various canteen hatches. Once you have chosen your food you will pay for it using your thumb print and the money will be taken from your account automatically. You will then be able to choose a place to sit.

The Lecture theatre

The lecture theatre is located behind the atrium. We use the lecture theatre for assembly’s. Each week you will attend an assembly with your form.


The Astroturf is located next to the sports hall and mini gym.  PE lessons take place on here throughout the year.

Sports Hall

The sports hub contains the sport hall changing rooms and mini gym. Students will have the opportunity to take part in activities after school as part of our enrichment programme,these will include a range of sports such as football, table tennis and badminton

Map of the School

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

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