Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning is rightly given a high priority at Darton Academy and a robust CPD programme is in place to ensure that students are given a quality learning experience by all teachers.

The Academy has appointed a Senior Leader who has a specific responsibility for teaching and learning pedagogy to ensure that teachers at the Academy are continually striving to improve their skills as practitioners. 

All our classrooms are in groups and collaborative learning structures are used in lessons to promote communication, support and peer mentoring.

A group ‘lead teachers’, with representatives from across the majority of subjects, support this process and ensure teaching and learning remains a priority within the faculties through sharing good practice. 

A rigorous quality assurance system is in place to monitor the day to day practices of teaching staff, supported by the senior leadership team and middle leaders who conduct regular work scrutiny and learning walks on all departments to ensure that standards are typically high. 

Senior leaders maintain a high presence within lessons and conduct climate walks to ensure that the teaching, learning and assessment students are receiving in their lessons is up to the required standard. Middle leaders also conduct regular quality assurance checks on their department which helps to produce a clear picture of the standard of teaching and learning. 

At Darton Academy we pride ourselves on listening to our students through student voice questionnaires and interviews. All aspects of teaching and learning are discussed with all year groups and this enables the school to keep a 'live' view of the service we offer. We strongly believe that the quality of provision we offer at the academy must provide the best start to the lives of our students. 

Homework is set regularly by all subjects through the implementation of ‘Knowledge Organisers’ and supports the work undertaken in the classroom. These tasks are varied and include a more creative, extended learning programme to enable homework to impact further on learning. Students also engage with Hegarty maths and GCSE POD.

The academy Assessment and Feedback policy has further strengthened the academy’s procedures and students receive clear and regular feedback on how to improve their work. Progress data is regularly reported back to parents throughout the year.

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