Supporting Individual Needs

The Bridge is a provision in the academy where pupils suffering from physical or mental health difficulties can be taught in a smaller setting.  Pupils working in The Bridge follow their normal timetable and work is provided by their subject teachers. 

We have fourteen learning support assistants and are in receipt of inclusion funding from the local authority to provide additional staffing which enables pupils with SEND to follow a full curriculum pathway in a mainstream setting.  In addition to this we have used a temporary leadership allowance to work with pupils in the lowest ability groups running a rewards and recognition system which is bespoke to their class and more immediate than the whole school system. 

Our Designated Safeguarding Leader provides pupils with access to a range of external agency support. School nurses visit every week and run drop in clinics, we also work with targeted youth support for early intervention. Our weekly mindspace sessions occur with small groups of students and targeted 1:1 sessions to further promote emotional well being.  We also access and signpost support for Young Carers, Parenting and Family support and CAMHS.