RQT Program

Why do we have an RQT program?

During an NQT year, members of staff have lots of opportunities to take part in CPD to further develop their practise. This rapidly drops off in RQT years, as teachers loose additional PPA time for professional development. At Darton Academy, we believe all teachers, particularly those relatively new to their careers, should have the opportunity to take part in further professional development, hence the creation of an RQT program.

What will it involve?

Firstly, during the RQT program, participants are given the opportunity to observe other colleagues both within Darton Academy and other schools part of the Delta Academy Trust. Using these observations, colleagues will take part in a lesson study.

Lesson study is a form of action research, and involves systematic and careful observation of lessons, focused on students learning rather than the teacher themselves. This will take place over one term and RQT's will work in triads to take part in observations and joint planning, and given time to reflect and adapt practise after each observation. Staff are placed a group where they all benefit from the strenghts of one another.

Most importantly this is a positive process to gives time to reflect and develop without the pressures a school day.

Japanese Lesson study: