Promoting the EBACC

Promoting the EBACC

As part of our commitment to ensuring that our students access a broad and balanced curriculum, we have taken steps to improve the numbers of students that are accessing our EBacc pathway at KS4.


We have recently reviewed our language curriculum at KS3 to ensure that our students have the necessary skills to become successful linguists, this means that we are nurturing a ‘can do’ attitude in our students and exposing them to real life materials to develop their confidence and autonomy to access new and unfamiliar language.

Cultural and Linguistic Capital

Our pedagogy is underpinned by teaching staff that not only plan and deliver immersive learning opportunities but they also ensure that language learning has real life application.  This means that we acknowledge festivals, traditions and customs in the Francophonie and Hispanic worlds. We also promote the European Day of languages to promote diversity and culture.

As part of our commitment to improving language uptake in our academy we have also invested our time in supporting activities that give students real life application of their language learning.  Students have had the opportunity to write letters to other students in France and Spain. Students have really enjoyed engaging with this activity and look forward to receiving a letter from their pen friend in the target language.  We have also been part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ project which meant that we worked with a school in Spain on a joint project which focused on language learning through sport. This was two year project which saw the numbers of students choosing to continue with their Spanish studies increase.

We have a yearly trip to the North of France that immerses students in real life language learning but also gives them opportunities to travel and experience sites, smells and sounds that they wouldn’t have been able to before. We support our disadvantaged students with accessing these opportunities wherever possible.

Continuing Professional Development

Our MFL colleagues are supported by a robust team of directors that work closely with subject leaders. They play an active role in assisting our staff in their delivery of exciting and engaging learning opportunities.