Our Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent

Knowledgeable and expert learners

Our curriculum reflects our unrelenting desire for all students to achieve the results they need in future life. We strive to provide a curriculum that respects the needs of all pupils, regardless of their starting points, to develop the tools needed to learn and acquire both knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum is built on three pillars:

  • That knowledge is important to all thinking.
  • That we understand new things in relation to what we already know.
  • That retrieving knowledge helps us to remember it for longer

Through carefully sequenced learning and an understanding of interleaving and retrieval practice, students’ resilience grows as they become increasingly independent and proactive learners, empowered to succeed whilst developing a love of learning. 

Confident communicators

Our curriculum develops and embraces literacy and oracy; we value and voice opinions. We provide opportunities for all  students to  debate and articulate their views and ideas through what they say, read and create. Our students have trust in the relationships they build, actively participate and have the confidence to make a mistake.         

Future ready learners

Our curriculum provides opportunities  for our learners to gain more than just exam outcomes. They have access to expert  guidance that allows them to make an informed next step. Our curriculum is enriched by  timely visits and experiences, along with regular reference to careers within their formal lessons. We support learners to develop the skills to succeed within the 21st century. We reference Gatsby benchmarks in our subject areas. Personal growth and development is woven through our curriculum and the development of the Darton character is paramount to a student’s success in life.