Outwood Bound trust 1000 days of adventure

It’s been many months since the UK first went into lockdown and since then, we've spent more time indoors than ever before.

As we navigate our way out of lockdown, we’re giving young people the opportunity to grab some outdoor adventure - Outward Bound style - this August.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters during this time of uncertainty, we can provide 1,000 fully-funded outdoor Adventure Days for young people, for those eligible for free school meals and the young people who need this the most.

*We are working towards running our Adventure Days in Wales if the current Government guidance allows us to.

Our Outward Bound Adventure Days are also open to all 11-17 year olds, no matter your circumstances - all we ask is for a small payment of £30 to help cover the cost.

Taking place in the stunning and wild spaces around our secluded centres in the Lake Districtand Snowdonia*, this is a chance for young people to focus on their mental wellbeing.

This is a time for safe social interaction, to make new friends, have a break from screens – and perhaps most importantly – to have some fun in a safe, outdoor environment.

It's what our young people need right now.