HeppSY visit March 2019

Y10 were really lucky to meet with Caroline from the HeppSY who spoke to us about different career paths related to History. The presentation was interesting and opened our eyes to possible future opportunities. There were interactive activities showcasing different careers connected with History, for example a tour guide or a journalist. I thought this was very helpful to the learners in the room, it helped us understand how the skills studied in history can lead to some exciting career paths.


Our learners said:

 “It makes you to think about career paths”.

“I learned how skills in history can lead to jobs that you didn't think about before”.

“I learned a lot from other people’s experience”.


Caroline advised for more information about different professions and career paths visit Now that I have had this lesson I believe that I understand more about careers and can see where the skills from different subjects can take me in life. I would use this time again to learn about other subjects that I’m interested in to see where that can take me through career paths.