General Election - 12th December 2019

General election fever is sweeping through our academy as we prepare for our whole school vote.  We have our electoral register complete and ballot slips at the ready!

In our election, we are asking students to vote for the manifesto actions that are pertinent to them rather than by identifying national political parties. Students will be asked to review information pertaining to key party policies that each national party is using as part of their current campaigns. All will be revealed on Friday 13th when we link our party names back to the political parties of our country to show who has won in our academy.

Throughout the week commencing, Monday 9th December, students will learn about the general election and democracy during tutor time. Every student will be invited to cast a vote on Thursday 12th December in our designated polling booths and our team of counters will be at the ready as soon as the vote closes. We can't wait to see which way Darton Academy will vote and whether it will reflect local and national voting behaviours.