GCSE POD competition

“Win Prizes for Learning – ‘Check and Challenge’ for Science 

Over the next two weeks, students have the opportunity to win prizes for themselves and their school to the tune of £50 Amazon vouchers or them and £500 for school, on anything they choose – technology, equipment, wall-art…!

The competition is based round GCSE-Pod’s ‘Check and Challenge’ feature and runs from Monday 19th October until the Monday back after half term, 2nd November.  Students will be hearing about this in their Science lessons, and need to complete as many science Check and Challenge questions as possible and for every correct answer they receive 'diamonds'.  Each task can be revisited so more diamonds can be gained (even if you have already begun using a task; you can still obtain more diamonds!). Check and Challenge is already used for homework on a weekly basis, so students can already be stacking up those diamonds!

The school with the most diamonds will receive a reward of £500 in the form of a sponsorship.  This means GCSEPod will provide £500 to contribute towards something for the school e.g. technology, equipment, wall art etc.  and the scoring is balanced against to the number of students eligible at each academy.  The leading student across Delta will also receive a £50 Amazon voucher, but there could easily be other prizes available, too. Log-on and start mining those diamonds!!”