Ambition Barnsley

On 20th November 2019,  42 Year 9 students took part in the Ambition Barnsley event at Barnsley Metrodome.  This event provides information to students about the progression routes that are available to them at post-16 and puts them in contact with potential employers.

 Students were able to explore a range of progression opportunities available to young people after they leave in year 11. These options include:

 Full time education or training courses, for example at a college, school sixth form, special school or training provider.

  • Apprenticeships or other work-based learning route.  
  • Employment or self-employment with training.
  • Volunteering with training.

During the event, pupils were able to:

  • Undertake activities highlighting the key progression pathways;
  • Participate in general workshops exploring A’ levels, vocational programmes, apprenticeships, self-employment, getting a job, volunteering and internships;
  • have the opportunity to visit a wide range of providers including colleges, schools, training providers, universities and employers;
  • Have the chance to speak to a range of support organisations and staff to obtain information including careers advice and guidance, funding and transport issues.

All those learners who attended the event very much enjoyed their experience and were able to take with them a good deal of information with regards to their future progression.