Literacy & Numeracy

Upon entry to Year 7, pupils with the lowest literacy skills receive an additional two hours per week of tuition to make progress in reading. This enables them to enjoy French in Year 8 with more enthusiasm, confidence and success.  In addition, all pupils in Year 7 and 8 are following Reading Reconsidered programme which is designed to encourage a love of reading and move children towards age appropriate reading as quickly as possible, testing for comprehension along the way. The Accelearated Reader programme is also being introduced to support our students in January.

Every child at Darton has access to Hegarty Maths, an online programme.  Pupils are set specific tasks to complete every week as homework but do not access Hegarty maths in class.  A Hegarty Club runs after school so all pupils can complete their homework and in addition pupils can complete extra activities of their choice whenever they wish.  Pupils identified as falling behind age related expectations benefit from additional small group tuition during maths lessons.