Home Learning

At Darton Academy, we know that completing home learning is essential to long term academic success. It allows our students to extend their learning and to reinforce what has been learnt in class. Our home learning policy for this year will be as follows: 

KS3: Year 7 and 8 

Every day, your child will be expected to study for around one hour. Home learning will be in three 20 minute parts:   

  1. Knowledge Organiser self-quizzing.   
  1. Reading for pleasure.   
  1. Hegarty Maths. 

Knowledge Organiser self-quizzing  

How to revise and retain information is a key skill which every student needs to gain, particularly when new GCSE specifications require learners to be able to retain large quantities of information. Considering this we want to equip students with the skills to revise as early as possible, so they do not become overwhelmed when starting their GCSE’s. 

Students in year 7 and 8 will be issued a knowledge organiser half termly. Within the Knowledge Organiser is the key information your child needs to know for each subject area. Your child should try and learn the knowledge within the organiser, using the strategies as outlined in their booklets e.g mind maps/flashcards or summaries. Your child must bring their Knowledge Organiser to school every day and take it home every evening. Each student will be issued with a Knowledge Organiser and home learning exercise book to record their home learning. 

Quick quizzes will take place in class on the information, so students have the opportunity to test themselves and see how well they have retained the information. Knowledge Organisers will be checked in form time, and failure to complete the Organiser three times in a half term will result in a C4 other being issued. 

Our home learning strategy is based on the principle of retrieval practice, which you can read more about here.

Knowledge Organiser - Video Guidance

Following correspondence with parents, we have put together a short video that provides an overview of how to use the Knowledge Organisers for home learning.  Initially the clarity of the video may be blurred while the file loads.  It can be viewed on a mobile device but is best viewed on a computer screen. 

Reading for Pleasure  

Like anything else, reading is a skill that becomes better with practice. The objective of reading for pleasure is to increase your child’s sense of achievement, confidence and develop their vocabulary – but most of all, for your child to learn to enjoy reading. We encourage your child to challenge themselves with their choice of reading material. Your child should try to read a range of fiction across genres with increasing levels of difficulty. Regularly reading for pleasure will have enormous benefits across your child’s subject areas and is heavily linked to success in later life.  

Hegarty Maths  

Maths home learning provides your child with the opportunity to become more fluent with their maths skills and practice what they have learnt in lessons. Tasks will be set from:  Hegarty Maths: www.hegartymaths.com Your child’s Maths teacher will be demonstrating this to students in their timetabled lessons. 

Home Learning Log  

Every day, your child must complete their Home Learning Log, which can be found in their Knowledge Organiser. Your child must tick the subject they have been learning from that day, details of their reading and their scores from their Hegarty Math's quizzes. As their parent, every day, please check their completed home learning tasks and sign their Home Learning Log. 

KS4: Year 9/10/11 

Having taken on board student and parental feedback from last year, the decision has been made to slightly adapt KS4 homework from this year. This is to focus on key content at GCSE and making the most of the excellent resources we have available at Darton Academy to best support your child's progress. 

Every day, your child will be expected to study for one hour. Home learning will be in three 20 minute parts:   

  • GCSEPod 
  • Hegarty Maths 
  • Reading for pleasure 


GCSEPod is a fantastic resource for all KS4 students. It provides quick clips or “pods” which recap key information in a succinct and helpful way. Students will be set three pods per week for each subject that they take at GCSE (math's excluded). It is up to students to manage their time to ensure theses pods are completed. Research has shown that GCSEPod can significantly boost students’ grades, with the top users on the online platform boosting their GCSE grades by half a grade per subject. 

Additional written tasks 

From time to time your child's teacher may set additional extended writing tasks or past exam questions, these should be completed alongside their usual home learning programme of study. Students should record the nature of such tasks in their planners with the hand in date. 


At Darton Academy we want to reward hard work and effort. Epriase stickers will be given to all students who show real dedication and effort in any form of their home learning.  

At home, please support your child by ensuring that they have a quiet environment to do their home learning. It is important that your child gets into positive and effective study habits now so that they can fulfil their learning potential. If you have any questions with regards to your child’s home learning then please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

If your child is struggling with any aspect of their home learning then please encourage them to go and see their subject teacher. As of next week your child can also attend our after school home learning club, located in A308, where computers will be available for those who may require internet access. 

Going the extra mile

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