Epraise rewards has been launched with tremendous success at Darton Academy with students engaging exceptionally well with this new system.

 As part of a student voice forum, students from across the year groups were recently asked for their views and opinions regarding Epraise and their responses were undoubtedly positive.

Many students commented that they enjoy taking responsibility for logging their own points as it ensures a more accurate reflection of how many they’re receiving, whilst others agreed that it seemed to encourage teachers to give more rewards and that the students were prepared to work harder to receive them. One Year 8 student explained, “Last year I got 100 merits but only half were logged and this made me feel sad. I love the fact that I can log them myself.”

Students have also commented that they were enjoying the competitive element between Tutor and Year groups and looked forward to seeing which group was displayed on the Atrium screen as the Epraise Champions!

Further student voice meetings will be held to decide the exact nature of rewards that the Epraise points will lead to, with celebration assemblies and events being planned for the end of term.