Enrichment, Extra-Curricular Clubs, Visits & Residential


What is enrichment? 

Although formal lessons end at 2.30pm, the Academy day does not. Students are able to choose from a fantastic range of after-school enrichment activities and clubs, both academic and non-academic. Sessions are typically 2.30 – 3.30pm. Please note that we offer a study bus which will help support students who may find it difficult to attend enrichment activities due to transportation issues. 

Why attend enrichment? 

There are two main reasons to attend the after-school activities on offer. Firstly, catch up sessions are a fantastic tool to help accelerate your academic achievement. Secondly, enrichment activities allow you to gain experience and skills in areas not typically part of your everyday curriculum. Enhancing your personal attributes by opting to gain new experiences is extremely desirable to future employers and higher education providers. Attending an enrichment regularly also will help you earn some of our pledges- attending a club and representing the Academy on a sporting, cultural or academic event. 

Who can attend? 

Everyone! Each year group has its own enrichment program to ensure that students remain in their bubbles. Whatever your interests are, we endeavor to provide an enrichment opportunity for you. There will be sporting enrichment, creative enrichment and homework club available for each year group. Each half term the enrichment on offer to each year group will rotate to ensure that all students have the opportunity to access our different  



What happens if an enrichment has to be cancelled? 

Occasionally enrichment sessions may need to be cancelled, such as when there is bad weather or staff illness. You will be made aware of this at the very first opportunity so that you can plan your journey home. A text message will be sent to your parent/carer. If you are concerned that you cannot leave the academy until 3.30pm staff will be available to guide you to an alternative enrichment provision.  

This half terms enrichment programme will begin on Monday 12th October 2020 unless students have been informed otherwise. Enrichment is overseen by Mrs Hampshaw (HampshawS@dartonacademy.org.uk), who is always happy to help should you have any questions. 

Please see a copy of the enrichment timetable below: 


Visits and Residentials 

Departments run a variety of trips designed to support and enhance the curriculum, these include; a Science trip to the National Space Centre, a Geography trip to the coast to complete fieldwork, an English trip to the theatre and a photography trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to name but a few.  We also run a growing number of CEIAG focused trips to universities, employers and further education providers.  

Throughout their time at Darton Academy all students will also have the opportunity to take part in a residential visit. This will allow them to earn another of their pledges. We offer a bushcraft residential visit for Year 7 students, an annual ski trip to several year groups and a visit to France to support our MFL curriculum.