We encourage all students to complete the 11 Pledges, which range from attending enrichment activities to organising fundraising events. By completing pledges students not only gain confidence but also valuable life experiences that help prepare them for life in your community and beyond the Academy.

The following awards are given out to students who complete a number of pledges

Bronze badge – Completion of 3 pledges.

Silver badge – Completion of 5 pledges.

Gold badge – Completion of  7 pledges.

Platinum badge – Completion of 10 pledges

This week has seen us being able to congratulate those students who have completed not only their bronze award but their silver as well! These students have been working hard for the last half term to achieve the pledge award which has demonstrated their awareness of community wide issues and shown their ability to consistently go above and beyond. 

Students have even completed the Darton Dissertation demonstrating their ability to research and justify points to a very high standard. The pledge award enables students to fine tune their employability skills; preparing them for future work with their resilience, respect and responsibility skills being at the forefront of the tasks they have completed.