Autumn 2020 Year 8 opening information

This page will provide information around the opening of the School for September 2020

The key points for the opening can be found below

  • All students will be back in school in September and online provision will cease.
  • Students will follow their normal timetable, within the normal classes for each subject.
  • We will create Year Group bubbles in five separate areas of the school building.
  • The five Year Group bubbles will be kept separate upon entering the school site, throughout the school day, and when leaving the site.
  • Staff will be able to move between the Year Group bubbles so that we can have the right teachers in front of the right classes at the right time.
  • There will be slight changes to the timings of the school day, with a staggered start.
  • There will be minimal practical work.
  • There will be limited extra-curricular activities.
  • There will be a greatly reduced menu at lunch time; packed lunches can be brought in.
  • Current transport guidance states that buses will pick up students from different Year Groups; this means that on the way to school if your child is travelling by bus your child could be sitting on a bus with students outside their bubble.

Year 8 September 2020 Opening Video

Year 8 Entrance to school and meeting area

Year 8 School map of classrooms